Handlebar Marketing invited me to review a weekly e-newsletter: The High Calling (http://bit.ly/highcalling). Usually, I review books given to me by either an author or a publisher. This invitation included a $10 gift card for the review, so I promised to read a few back issues and review it.

Before I read the newsletters, however, I researched the sponsoring organization – Foundation for Laity Renewal. Many of us lament over the disconnect between our Sunday “church selves” and our every other day “worker selves.” Mr. Howard E. Butt, vice-chairman of the H.E. Butt Grocery Company moved to reconnect the two parts of our world through the Laity Renewal Foundation and the High Calling e-newsletter and internet community. He makes the case that wherever work thrives—in a corporate boardroom, over the ironing board or at the local soup kitchen—it benefits everyone the most when we are more salt and light and less hypocrite.

I read a couple of the newsletters, expecting to find a high quality of content and technical sophistication. That’s exactly what I did find; I was not disappointed. Quite to my surprise, however, I also found an unexpected connection with the content. My energy levels are limited these days, so I add few things to my schedule. However, after discovering that The High Calling encouraged me and refreshed my energy level, I signed up to join the community. I highly recommend it and I have the feeling that the gift card is only the start of the benefits I’ll receive from The High Calling.