Book Reviews


What do I have in common with the African lion? According to Stefan Swanepoel, author of Surviving Your Serengeti, the answer is we are strategic. Both the lion and I map out a plan to succeed in reaching our goals. Then we use teamwork to achieve those goals. The lion is just one of seven […]


Old Book Becomes New

Only You, Sierra, written by Robin Jones Gunn and published in 1998, has been released this year as an eBook. The eBook format on my Kindle had a few problems. Chapter headings appeared at the bottom of the page and some words were split in two (“ser vice” for example). The story centers on sixteen […]


Bug Man Bugs Out

Nick is a forensic entomologist; he is an expert in bugs that eat decaying flesh. In this third novel in the series, Nick is set to marry Alena, a woman whose dogs help police catch criminals. Theirs is a romance made at the crime scene. Nick is so obnoxious that he has few friends. So […]