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City of Veils – a World Unknown

City of Veils astonished me. I read a lot of science fiction because I like to think about differing cultures. The culture in which this murder took place could not be more foreign to me than if it were on another planet. Ms. Ferraris wrote a well-plotted mystery with believable characters and a satisfying ending. While […]


Kingdom Come: The Final Victory by Tim LaHaye, Jerry B. Jenkins

Kingdom Come met my expectations for the polished duo of LaHaye and Jenkins. When the timeline for the plot needed to cover 1,000 years in under 400 pages, I was a bit sceptical that they could pull it off. They came through by using roughly the first half of the story to give a detailed […]


The Discipline of Grace by Jerry Bridges, Gerald Bridges

Jerry Bridges wrote The Discipline of Grace to connect the understanding of God’s grace in Jesus Christ and seeking holiness. Unless our growth in holiness is anchored in God’s grace poured out in Jesus, then we drift into the rocky shoals of temptations, attempt to scale the cliffs of self-improvement, or wash up on the […]