Anne McCaffrey—according to her introduction to Dragonsblood—began writing the story of Pern in 1967. Twenty-six titles (books and short stories) have been written about the Dragonriders of Pern® since then. Taken as a body of work, the Pern books hold a place in the history of science fiction that no other series approaches. The series, anchored firmly in the ninth pass of an invading non-sentient destructive organism, fills in Pern’s history with coming-of-age stories, complete stories behind ballads, tales of heroic sacrifices, and biographies. (Most other series have a linear timeline based on one or more main characters.)

Because Anne McCaffrey is a master craftsperson, the plots, scenes, characters and descriptions fit together almost seamlessly across books. Sariel’s Guide to Pern  contains a list of the titles presented according to their historical Pern timeline. (Although Ms. McCraffrey’s son, Todd, contributed several titles to the series, his books lack Anne McCaffrey’s deft touch.) I highly recommend this series for its wonderful, finely crafted writing, for its imaginative stories, and for the adventure of discovering a delightful new world.