Bug Man Bugs Out

Nick is a forensic entomologist; he is an expert in bugs that eat decaying flesh.

In this third novel in the series, Nick is set to marry Alena, a woman whose dogs help police catch criminals. Theirs is a romance made at the crime scene.

Nick is so obnoxious that he has few friends. So when one of them is killed four days before the wedding, he takes off to find the killer. Naturally, Alena is furious. She trusts few men because her father abandoned her and this feels like another case of permanent rejection. When Nick fails to call her —on two occasions—as he’d promised, she loads up a few dogs and takes off after him.

That’s just the first hundred pages. The plot twists so many times it becomes a corkscrew. It takes a sharper mystery solver than I am to see how the book ends before the last chapter. It was a satisfying but not a happily-ever-after ending. Read Nick of Time if you want a good mystery and aren’t grossed out by maggots.