Changing Me, Change the World: Prayers from the Psalms, Book I

How do you pray?
Do you think praying is either a fearful mystery or a dry duty? If you want to get past feelings of futility and change your world through prayer, then Changing Me, Change the World is the answer. This book connects God’s Word and your prayers. It will strengthen your faith and instill confidence in you to pray more effectively, molding you into a prayer warrior in the process.

You will discover:

* a deeper, more satisfying prayer life as you meditate on these Psalms and prayers,
* passionate, engaging language that addresses problems you face in your life every day,
* prayers you can pray with confidence because they have a solid biblical foundation,
* a heightened awareness of meaningful issues outside of your daily life,
* a desire to return to Changing Me, Change the World as new situations arise.