Juggling All the Balls

When the juggler comes on stage, I watch to see if he can successfully keep the balls in the air. While I read The Lightkeeper’s Ball, I watched to see if Colleen Coble could keep all the elements in her plot going without dropping one—or more! This book is a (1) Christian (2) historical [late 1800s] (3) mystery (4) romance.

Just like a professional juggler, Ms. Coble made it look easy. She kept the flow of all the elements in balance, sometimes highlighting one, then another. Olivia, the heroine, is charming and brave and Harrison, the hero, is a gentleman—just what you would expect in a story set in that period. The plot never gets preachy, but the tone is definitely Christian. Working separately, but always moving closer together, Harrison and Olivia solve more than one mystery and right several wrongs. The only thing they cannot undo is Evelyn’s murder. I highly recommend The Lightkeeper’s Ball for an entertaining read. This book is a keeper.