Old Book Becomes New

Only You, Sierra, written by Robin Jones Gunn and published in 1998, has been released this year as an eBook. The eBook format on my Kindle had a few problems. Chapter headings appeared at the bottom of the page and some words were split in two (“ser vice” for example).

The story centers on sixteen year-old Sierra Jensen who is mature for her age. Her maturity, however, does not keep her out of trouble with her parents as she settles into a new community and her grandmother’s house. A new home, new school, and new semi-relationship with a college student keeps Sierra’s emotions in a constant tangle. The book ends without the happily-ever-after scene, but it is satisfying.

As I read the story, I found myself wishing Robin Jones Gunn’s books would have been available when I was a teenager. None of the books I read at that time reflected my Christian worldview. One of Ms. Gunn’s strengths is to model ways to cope with loneliness, insecurities, and change in a positive manner without being preachy. If you know a Christian girl between the ages of twelve and sixteen, I recommend buying this book for her, as well as Ms. Gunn’s other books.