Ordinary People,Extraordinary Ways

About twenty years ago, when we were approaching the turn of the century, I remember reading that large personality-based Christian religious organizations were declining in influence. The writer saw God using ordinary, unknown people in extraordinary ways in this new era. We Be Big is evidence that the writer’s reasoning was sound. Rick Burgess and Bill Bussey—“Rick & Bubba”—are ordinary good-ole-boys from the Deep South. Without formal training but with a willingness to work hard, the two men become radio personalities. Their creative craziness, over-the-top humor, and willingness to talk about their faith on the show set them apart from the “professional” on-air personalities.

We Be Big carries the reader from the bumpy beginnings through to the syndicated show of today in this well written book. For those listeners who are curious about the men behind the madness, this is the perfect book. For readers who never had the opportunity to hear The Rick and Bubba Show, this is a delightful introduction to the way God chooses to use ordinary people in extraordinary ways.

Thank you BookSneeze for the free copy of We Be Big.