Quirky Love Story

Who wants to be normal? How many secrets do we hide only from ourselves? I pondered those questions as I read Shine Shine Shine. The advanced readers’ copy that I was given began so weirdly that I questioned if it was truly scheduled for release in July. Because I promised to review the book, I persevered. To my relief, it all came together into a family history that is no more or less “normal” than our own. Imagine a psychedelic scrapbook about a family with a number of dysfunctional members. Now shuffle the pages so that they are in random order. At the end, add a few pages that act as a crystal ball ten years into the future. That’s Shine Shine Shine.

I don’t enjoy reading vulgar language or explicit sex scenes and this book has some of both. However, as I skipped the sex scenes and read past the vulgarity, I found the book to be very satisfying in a quirky sort of way.