The Price of Masquerades

Much of women’s fiction takes the readers out of the ordinary and sends us into a world of fantasy. Most romantic fiction builds on this foundation, both Christian and non-Christian. Invisible, while fiction, is not fantasy. It focuses on the reality of the human experience.

The story revolves around three women and the chapters rotate between three points of view. Ellyn protects herself from the inner voice of her alter ego. Sabina runs from failed expectations. Twila balances on the edge. Her choices are to fight or to disappear. Each woman masquerades as someone who has it all together. They hide secrets even from themselves. The story ties their struggles into a narrative of decisions to leave their shells and live more transparently.

Ginny L. Yttrup writes with subtlety and finesse. She slowly introduces us to whom the women think they are, who others see them to be, and to God’s love working in their lives. Nothing is simple. No cookie-cutter plots in Invisible. Instead, we learn about the ways in which we all struggle with ourselves. I highly recommend this book. Read the novel the first time for the story and the second time to see yourself. Both times, you will find yourself laughing, crying and holding your breath in suspense. Enjoy.