The Walk, A Geography Lesson

Shaun Alexander—an outstanding professional athlete—gave me a geography lesson on the land of Spiritual Maturity. No short cuts can take a person through this territory. It’s a mountainous region and everyone starts at the bottom as an Unbeliever. Walking is the only mode of transportation and Shaun Alexander describes the marks of a citizen of each region and identifies the trial, traps, and victories found there. He uses the Apostle Peter as his biblical example of spiritual growth from the valley to the peak.

As a senior citizen and a woman who never played in any sport, I was skeptical that I would be able to relate to Shaun Alexander’s book. By the end of the second chapter, I knew that I was wrong. We share the only thing that matters: a strong desire to bring glory to God by walking close to Him and discovering the adventures He prepared for us. I strongly recommend this book for anyone interested in a dynamic discussion of spiritual maturity.