What does it mean to be super-human?

A Confusion of Princes is a new science fiction book by Garth Nix scheduled for release later this year. In the book, Khimri discovers that being a Prince — one of many with super-human abilities constructed into bodies and minds — means not that he is above the ordinary people or “normal” humans. Instead, he learns that he is the ultimate puppet. As he is forced from dangerous situations into unmanageable crises, he discovers the power of love and the ability to determine his own destiny.

This book was something I seldom find in books I’ve reviewed lately; it was fun to read. Khimri began the book as a very smart 16-year-old know-it-all. He matured into an intelligent adult who knew the dirty little secrets of the rulers. He failed often. However, he usually failed forward, trying to do what he thought was required of him. The manner in which Garth Nix portrays Khimri’s dreams and experiences makes the book both amusing and dramatic. I highly recommend it.