Where Do We Start?

We have a fascination with food, cooking shows, restaurants and chefs. Most of us eat food prepared somewhere other than in our home at least once during the day. Sack lunches have given way to fast food or salad bars. Take-out, pick-up, meal delivery and frozen entrées are the food of choice when we eat at home. “You are what you eat,” the old saying says. Yet life is more than eating. A good life is more than making healthy choices about food.

Because we are more than just bodies, 10 Principles of Healthy Living forms the foundation for Recipes for Healthy Living. I will examine some of the things other than food that affect our bodies and the quality of our lives. Of course, I will also share many of the lessons, hints, and tips that I have learned about food, cooking and recipes. Making healthy choices about food can improve the way your body functions. Living by the Ten Principles can make life more fulfilling, so join me as we explore Recipes for Healthy Living.